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Database :

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Generation One:
                 - Generation 1
                 - Generation 2
                 - Beast Wars
                 - Machine Wars
                 - Beast Machines

Robots in Disguise (2001):
                 - Robots in Disguise

Unicron Trilogy:
                 - Armada
                 - Energon
                 - Cybertron

                 - Animated

Live-Action Movies:
                 - Transformers
                 - Revenge of the Fallen
                 - Dark of the Moon
                 - Power Core Combiners
                 - Age of Extinction
                 - The Last Knight
                 - Bumblebee Movie
                 - Transformers 7

Aligned Prime Universe:
                 - Prime
                 - Robots in Disguise

                 - Classics
                 - Universe (2008)
                 - War For Cybertron
                 - Fall of Cybertron
                 - Thrilling 30
                 - Combiner Wars
                 - Titans Return
                 - Power of the Primes

                 - Heroes of Cybertron
                 - Alternators
                 - Universe (2003)
                 - Titanium Series
                 - Alt-Modes
                 - Exclusives

Generation One:
Located in the Primax Cluster of the Multiverse.

Robots In Disguise:
Located in the Viron Cluster of the Multiverse.

Unicron Trilogy:
Located in the Aurex Cluster of the Multiverse.

Located in the Malgus Cluster of the Multiverse.

Live-Action Movies:
Located in the Tyron Cluster of the Multiverse.

Aligned Prime:
Located in the Uniend Cluster of the Multiverse. Covers Transformers: Prime to Robots in Disguise (2015)

They came from Cybertron to our world. Blah Blah

They came from Cybertron to our world. Blah Blah